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Artificial.Mac is a computer program which generates random images. It employs a "visual grammar" to define an infinite set of pictures with a wide variety of styles and structures, and draws random samples from this space.

Artificial.Mac is written in HyperTalk and runs on Apple Macintosh computers. It produces coarse-grained black and white pictures. Exhibitions by Artificial.Mac display hardcopies of output images or demonstrate the real-time performance of the program on CRT displays or data-projectors.

The development of Artificial.Mac was followed by the design and implementation of several other programs which are based on the same principle but which use a different medium or a different "meta-style". The most important examples are Artificial.PC and Artificial.ACAD.

Exhibitions and Demo's by Artificial.Mac

Haagse Kunstkring, Den Haag. Non-Stop Architecture. Hardcopy exhibit. September/October 1991. (Also including drawings by The Machines.)

  October 1993. Rotterdam. Live demo by Artificial.Mac with automatic music by two MIDI-controlled pianos and four MIDI-controlled guitars.

Galerie Van Rijsbergen, Rotterdam. Hardcopy exhibit with live demo. October 17 - November 14, 1993. (Also including drawings by The Machines.)


Unfair, Cologne. Galerie van Rijsbergen. Hardcopy exhibit with live demo. November 10-15, 1993.

Galerie Voges und Deisen, Frankfurt. Mind the Gap. Hardcopy exhibit with live demo. January/February 1994. (Group show.)

Artis, 's Hertogenbosch. Tools & Tales. Live demo with real-time hardcopy output by a laser-printer, and recitation of the program text by Huge Harry.  January 16 - February 27, 1994. (Group show curated by Toine Ooms. Also including Rob Birza, Lars Eijssen, J.C.J. van der Heijden, Gerald van der Kaap, Micha Klein, Trademark™, and others.)
  Galerie Acud, Berlin. Hardcopy exhibit with live demo. April 7-28, 1994.  (Group show.)
  Nederlands Architectuurinstituut (NAI), Rotterdam. Live demo. With a discussion between Remko Scha and Peter Struycken. Moderator: Bram van den Waardenberg. October 24, 1995.
  April-May 2005. Artware 3, ICPNA, Lima, Peru. Hardcopies by Artificial.Mac. (Also: Video by Artificial.PC; ongoing live demo by Jochem van der Spek's Living Concepts.] [Digital Art Exhibition, including work by Manfred Mohr, Herbert Franke, Harold Cohen, Remko Scha, Roman Verostko and others. Curator: Umberto Roncoroni.]

Publications by Artificial.Mac

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TV Broadcasts about Artificial.Mac

Het Klokhuis. January 12, 1995 and September 5, 1996. NPS, Nederland 3 (Dutch National Television). Also featuring The Machines.