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Machine Drawings


The Machines
are a group of electric sabre saws who are mostly known for their guitar music. The same machines also collaborate on gestural drawings, using pen or pencil on paper: one of the machines moves the paper, another one moves the pen.

Exhibitions of Drawings by The Machines

Apollohuis, Eindhoven, May 1983. (With music by The Machines.)

Pulitzer Art Gallery, Amsterdam, 1984. (With music by The Machines.)

Galerie Geert Schriever, Amsterdam. March / April 1991. (With music by The Machines.)

Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague. Non-Stop Architecture. September/October 1991. (Joint exhibition with Artificial.)

Galerie Van Rijsbergen, Rotterdam. October/November 1993. (Joint exhibition with Artificial.)

ICPNA, Lima, Peru. Artware 3, 2005. Featuring Harold Cohen, Herbert Franke, Huge Harry, Leonel Maura, Casey Reas and Umberto Roncoroni. Including vintage Machine Drawings along with a  "Virtual Drawing Machine" by Jochem van der Spek, and prints and video tapes by Artificial.

Mondriaanhuis, Amersfoort. "Logic unfettered – contemporary European and American abstraction." November 2, 2007 - February 10, 2008. Featuring Bob Bonies, Andreas Brandt, Kathrin Hilten, Wanda Kossak, Matti Kujasalo, Elena Lux-Marx, Marjato Palasto, Fred Sandback, Steven Rand, and The Machines. Curated by Juliette Kennedy, in conjunction with the symposium Aesthetics and Mathematics, November 9/10, Utrecht University.

Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague. Non-Stop Architecture revisited. June 2016. (With music by The Machines.)


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12 Lines, 1981 (Machine Drawings 1-12). One sabre saw with felt pen.


From: Parallel Tracks, 1981 (Machine Drawings 18-32). Two sabre saws, drawing simultaneously.

Six Circles, 1981 (Machine Drawings 149-154). One sabre saw with rotating platform.











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