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Screen Memory Read-Outs

by Boele Klopman & Remko Scha, 1997

This project is a collaboration between the Department of Visual Art and the Department of Music of the Institute of Artificial Art. It is a spin-off of the project Artificial, which aims at the fully automatic generation of a maximally large and stylistically varied class of random pictures. Some versions of Artificial produced music during the picture generation process by continually translating the screen memory content into a wave file.

In live performances of Artificial Music, the audience could observe the picture generation process on a CRT display or data-projection screen. At the same time, the audio-equivalent of the image-in-progress was transmitted through a power amplification system.

Live Performances and Installations

MultiMedia Markt, Spui, Amsterdam. March 2, 1997.

De Veemvloer, Amsterdam. Automobiliteit. April 7-20, 1997. (Group show curated by Harold Schouten.)

University of Amsterdam. Crossover: art & science, the dialogue. April 25, 1997.
With a lecture by Boele Klopman. Double bill with Felix Hess. Chair: Kitty Zijlmans.

University of Utrecht. Eye on A.I. Student Symposium on Artificial Intelligence. Academiegebouw, Utrecht. June 26, 1997. With a lecture by Remko Scha.

Oude Markt, Enschede. The Gods Must Be Crazy. (Also featuring Eddie D., Klein, Kwaaitaal, Spinhoven, Tanaka, Zwanikken and many others.) Saturday, August 23, 1997. Organized by PLANETART.

Consortium, Oostelijke Handelskade, Amsterdam. October 28, 2000. An Evening with the Institute of Artificial Art. Program in conjunction with the exhibition Driessens/Verstappen by Edwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen.

This evening included the first and only performance of the Screen Memory Read-Out Network. Twelve correlated and synchronized instances of the image-generation program Artificial.PC were running on separate computers, each with their own monitor screen and audio-output-channel.The audience listened to a fixed, balanced mix of all six channels.

The evening also included a lecture by Huge Harry, and musical performances by The Machines and The Solenoids.

Audio CD Recordings

"Screen memory read-out # 73". Stereo audio, 7'02". On: The Gearbox. Cosmic Volume 5. Audio-CD produced by Jan van den Dobbelsteen, New Magic Sleepwellstudio, Eindhoven. June 1997.

"Screen memory read-out # 106" Stereo audio, 5'33". On: The Gods Must Be Crazy. Audio-CD published by Planet Art, Hengelo. August 1997.

Reissue of  "Screen memory read-out # 73". Stereo audio track, 7'02". On: Mu. CD-ROM produced by Paul Groot and Peter Mertens. Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, January 1998.