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Remko Scha: Art Projects

Early visual art
    Plastic Meltdowns (1962/1992)
    Enumerations (1966)
    Album Pages (1967)

    The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble (1966 – 1968)

"Concerts without neglected parameters": Improvised multi-media music, using electric guitars, electric power tools and household appliances, electrically amplified instruments, radio and tv sets, record players, burning slide projections, fashion-shows, lectures, EEG equipment, motor bikes, inflatables, rope, paintings, black-lights, sodium lights, found footage film, broken fluorescent lights, fire, stroboscopes, etc.

The Maciunas Ensemble (1969 – 1982)

Improvised music on conventional instruments. Not intended for public performance. With Helena Koning, Leon van Noorden, Paul Panhuysen, Jan van Riet, Hans Schuurman.

     Het Apollohuis (1980 – 1983)

An alternative space for music and visual art in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, promoting wild painting, drastic guitars, and sound art.

    The Machines (1982 – 2015)

An automatic electric guitar band, consisting of electric fans, drills and sabre saws. Performances in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Berlin, New York, San Francisco. Production in collaboration with Van Lagestein.

    Artificial (1990 – 2015)

An automatic image generation program, written in collaboration with Boele Klopman. (A precursor of this program was written in collaboration with Anthony Bijnen. New extensions are currently developed by Jos de Bruin.)

    Huge Harry (1990 – 2015)

A synthetic voice presents lectures about the human mind and computer-generated art. Music in collaboration with Joop van Brakel and Victor Wentink. Lectures about human facial expression in collaboration with Arthur Elsenaar.

   The Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam (1990 – 2015)

An umbrella organisation which hosts various projects concerned with automatic art-generation.