The Department of Random Radio promotes the establishment of dedicated radio stations for the diffusion of sound-environments created by algorithmic music, physical processes, industrial machinery, randomly selected audio-documents, and arbitrarily sampled live sound.

Our aim is to create a global network of fully automatic permanent radio stations which together take up all available bandwidth. Stations controlled by human persons broadcasting expressive music and manipulative messages should be abolished.

      Agent Radio
      Radio Dom

Other Radio Broadcasts
De Aanloop. Music from all genres, periods and regions in an improvised, largely random six-channel mix by Hans Stibbe and Remko Scha. Weekly broadcast September 1992 – September 2002, Monday, 10 p.m. – 12 midnight on Radio 100, Amsterdam (99.3 MHz FM). Also live internet stream.
Algorithmix II (Random Mix of 16 Dutch Radio Plays). Radiofonie Projekt 'Holland'. NCRV, Muziek Vandaag, Radio 4 (Dutch National Public Radio). Including interview with Algorithmix. April 16, 1996.
"All jazz is one." Various kinds of jazz music (including Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Yusef Lateef, Marc Ribot and many others) mixed at random by Hans Stibbe and Remko Scha. Interview by Willem Davids and comments by Martin van Duinhoven. RVU (Radio 5), July 24, 1997.
  December 6 - December 13, 1998. Algorithmix I. Continuous radio broadcast of an automatic electro-acoustic composition, created by a random algorithmic mix of 16 live radio signals. N-radio, 95.3 FM. (Temporary local radio transmitter, covering the city of Groningen, installed at Niggendijker Gallery, Hofstraat 21, Groningen.)
  "Radio 100." August 2001. Radio Nederland Wereld-Omroep. Fragments of Radio 100 broadcasts. Interviews with Hans Stibbe and Remko Scha.

  Lectures, Discussions and Demonstrations
March 12, 1999. The Amsterdam Media Debate. De Balie, Amsterdam (The Next 5 Minutes). With Marja Oosterman (No Paper), Nina Meilof (Digital City), Radio De Vrije Keizer, Salto, Remko Scha (IAAA / Radio 100). Moderator: Menno Grootveld.
March 15-17, 1999. V2, Rotterdam. Workshop Insular Technologies. With Balasz Beothy, Jaap Both, Michael van Eeden, Arthur Elsenaar, Karel Fassotte, Jaanis Garancs, Rob Gonggrijp, Peter Hagdahl, Borja Jelic, Dmytrik Kleiner, Sergiy Kuchma, Kees Mulder, Marko Peljhan, Tomaz Isanc, Sinisa Rogic, Remko Scha, Raitis Smits, James Stevens, Patrik Tschudin, Will Waites, Maurice Wessling.
November 24, 1999. "Radio 100." Lecture/Demo by Hans Stibbe about soundscapes and random mixing. Goethe Institut, Amsterdam. Festival Soundscapes (be)for(e) 2000, coordinated by the Centre for Electronic Music (CEM), November 19 – 26, 1999.
  July 12, 2000. The Hague Jazz Convention. "All jazz is one." Random mix of jazz recordings by Hans Stibbe and Remko Scha.