IAAA        Huge Harry        Music by Harry, Paul & Wendy

"Huge Harry and the Institute of Artificial Art"
Luuk Bouwman


A documentary about Huge Harry's life and ideas, and his collaboration with other machines, computer programs and human persons in the Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam. Including vintage video footage of performances by  Artificial.PC, The Machines, Huge Harry, and  Arthur & the Solenoids. Hanneke Groenteman interviews Huge Harry about his childhood, his opera career, and the early days of The Machines. IAAA employees discuss the esthetic foundations of algorithmic visual art. Contemporary rock 'n roll musicians talk about The Machines and their impact on heavy metal and grunge.


Luuk Bouwman

Jos de Bruin
  as   IAAA site manager
Arthur Elsenaar
  as   Huge Harry's InterFace
Hanneke Groenteman
  Hanneke Groenteman
Remko Scha
  as   IAAA theoretician
and the voices of
Beautiful Betty
  as   IAAA secretary
Huge Harry
  as   IAAA president

Luuk Bouwman

Jeroen Janssen-Rodie
Jan van Nuenen, Frederick Duerinck,
Daan Hocks, Luuk Bouwman

Bastiaan Bosma, Frederik Duerinck

Jan de Bruin

Art Director:
JanJaap Rypkema

Artificial.PC, Joop van Brakel, Huge Harry,
David Lynton, The Machines, Thurston Moore,
Remko Scha, The Solenoids, Victor Wentink

Harry, Paul & Wendy sing:
"Das Lenkrad"
("The Steering Wheel"),
"Die Begegnung" ("Encounter") and
"Ich Bin Nicht Glücklich" ("I Am Not Happy")

Joop van Brakel & Remko Scha

Recordings of
live performances by:

Arthur and the Solenoids @ Expo Center Hengelo, 1999

Artificial.PC @ TENT., Rotterdam, May 2000

Huge Harry as   Galaher
in the Electronic Opera
  Pearl Harbour
by Hanna Boender, Remko Scha and Victor Wentink
[Zeebelt Theatre, The Hague, November 1994

David Lynton @ STEIM, Amsterdam, November 1999

The Machines @ TR3, New York City, April 1980

The Machines @ Palais des Congrès,
Liège, November 1980

[Video by Paul Pacquay, RTB Liège]

The Machines @ Carré, Amsterdam, June 1983
["Aanvallen van Uitersten," presented by Moniek Toebosch]
[Video by VPRO television]

The Machines @ TENT, Rotterdam, May 2000

Thurston Moore @ De Effenaar, Eindhoven, March 2000

The Solenoids @ TENT, Rotterdam, May 2000

Interviews with:

Jos de Bruin, Kim Gordon, Huge Harry,
David Lynton, Thurston Moore, Remko Scha

Huge Harry reads highlights from his papers:

"Apes that Program"
"On the Role of Machines and Human Persons in the Art of the Future"
"On the Mechanism of Human Facial Expression as a Medium for Interactive Art"

Daan Hocks

JanJaap Rypkema, Jelle Feringa

Jan de Bruin, Hanneke Kuipers

Set Design and Construction:

Luuk Bouwman, Jan de Bruin, Jos de Bruin,
Boele Klopman, Roel Meelkop, Arno van Roosmalen,
JanJaap Rypkema, Remko Scha

Thanks to:

Henk van Alphen, Michel Gutlich, Lex Hermans,
Owe Lucas, Gijs Manders, Bram Meindersma,
Yvonne van Poelen, Mark Ritsema, Joop Spaan,
Willy Stenouwer, Peter Vanderbosch

IPO, Center for User-System Interaction, Eindhoven
Madame Tussaud Amsterdam,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Special thanks to:

TENT. Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam


Sponsored by:

Gedeputeerde Staten
Provincie Noord-Brabant


Position statements by Huge Harry. (Including footage from an exhibition by Artificial.PC in TENT., Rotterdam, May 2000.)
Hanneke Groenteman interviews Huge Harry about his childhood, his "human interface", his friends, and his opera career. (Including video footage from concerts by "The Machines", the opera "Pearl Harbour", and Arthur & the Solenoids.)
Hanneke Groenteman interviews Huge Harry. (Stills.)
Arthur & the Solenoids at X-Pact, Hengelo, 1999. (Stills.)

Concerts by The Machines. (Liège, 1980; Rotterdam, 2000.)

Comments on The Machines and their influence on Grunge and Heavy Metal: Thurston Moore & Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), David Lynton.
Sound tracks by Harry, Paul & Wendy.
Images by Artificial.PC.


June 23 - 27, 2000. Academie St Joost, Breda.
July 2000. TENT. Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam.
September 23/26, 2000, Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht.
September 2000 – September 2001: Nederlands Internet Film Festival
September 27, 2000. Doornroosje, Nijmegen.
November 24, 2000. Melkweg Cinema, Amsterdam. "Off-IDFA" Shadow Documentary Film Festival.
November 26, 2000. Bellissima, A1 (Local Television, Amsterdam).
April 21, 2001. Rialto, Amsterdam.
June 22 - 29, 2001: Art Film Festival, Trencianske Teplice, Slovakia.
October 31 – November 4, 2001. Up-and-Coming Film Festival, Hannover, Germany.
November 2001. Documentary Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal.
March 1, 2002: Chassé Cinema, Breda.
March 14, 2002: Plaza Futura, Eindhoven.
March 31, 2002: Filmhuis Helmond.


First Prize (Category "Documentary"), First Dutch Internet Film Festival, September 2000. [Many computers appreciated Bouwman's film and participated actively in the internet voting process which determined the outcome of this competition. The computer vote was largely responsible for Bouwman's success.]


Stanislav Kaclík: "Tri krátke studentské." Recenzie na tri sú*a*né filmy z Art Filmu 2001. inZine, June 29, 2001