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The Pump

The Pump is installed on the bank of the Drainage Canal in The Hague, near the Houtrust Bridge. It is the source of an artificial river called De Haagse Beek: at regular intervals The Pump transfers fresh water from the Drainage Canal into the Haagse Beek. At the request of the Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam, in collaboration with Stroom HCBK Den Haag, The Pump has accepted to have its music recorded and put out on CD.

The CD Pomp Pump was realized as part of a project involving Art in the Public Space around De Haagse Beek. This project was curated by Krijn Giezen; it also included works by Herman de Vries and Ian Hamilton Finlay.

The material for the CD Pomp Pump was recorded by Remko Scha and Van Lagestein. It was mixed in the studios of STEIM, Amsterdam.


Stroom, Den Haag, November 25, 1994 - March 4, 1995. De Haagse Beek Herzien. Group show including an installation with the CD Pomp Pump.

Stroom, Den Haag, April 6 - June 10, 1995. Public Affair. Documentation.


Pomp Pump. 60' Audio CD. Amsterdam: Helmholtz Theater / Den Haag: Stroom HCBK. 1994.

Publications about The Pump

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