IAAA              Harry, Paul & Wendy       

Synthetic Songs by Harry, Paul & Wendy

From Ellen Zweig's audio-cassette: False Phonemes.
(Tellus, the Audio Cassette Magazine, 22, New York, NY. 1988)

Perfect Paul sings:
"Katadeedo Daynatadoh" (fragment).

From the electronic opera "Pearl Harbour"
by Victor Wentink & Remko Scha (1994)

Huge Harry sings:
"Gallaher's Death".

From Luuk Bouwman's film:
"Huge Harry and the Institute of Artificial Art." (2000)

Huge Harry and Whispering Wendy sing "Die Begegnung" ("Encounter") by Joop van Brakel & Remko Scha.

Perfect Paul sings: "Ich Bin Nicht Glücklich" ("I Am Not Happy") by Joop van Brakel & Remko Scha.