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Remko Scha: Selected Concerts and Performances



Legerplaats Oirschot, 30 August. Mikrophonie I by Remko Scha, performed by Remko Scha (piano), Rik Seur (guitar), Pieter Thomassen (lecture) and others.

De Trapkes, Breda, 10 October. First performance by The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble, featuring Toon Prüst (double bass), Jeroen Ophoff (drums), Remko Scha (piano, guitar, cymbals), Hans Cremers, Lennie Staals.


Sigma Centrum Nederland, Amsterdam. 3 February. The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble.

Pro (Felix Meritis), Amsterdam. 14 April. The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble.

Stedelijk van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven. 12 May. The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble: Omaggio a Lucio Fontana.

Hai in de RAI, Oude RAI, Amsterdam. 11 August. The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble.

Corpocinema, Museumplein, Amsterdam. 1 October. The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble. (Pneumatic Environment by Theo Botschuijver & Jeffrey Shaw).

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. 21 November. The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble.

Flight to Lowlands' Paradise, Margriet-hal, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. November 24.


TU Eindhoven. 1 April. Anima 7 by Takehisa Kosugi, performed by Remko Scha and Edmond Dieleman.

Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag. 2 April. Rehearing. The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble & The Free Community of the Global City of Peace and Pleasure.

Paradiso, Amsterdam. 20 April. The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble & The Free Community of the Global City of Peace and Pleasure.

Politiek Demonstratief Experimenteel Concert, Stadsschouwburg Eindhoven. June 14, 1968. Music by Misja Mengelberg, Peter Schat and Louis Andriessen. Lecture/performance by Paul Panhuysen and Remko Scha.


"Situations and Cryptostructures", Stadsschouwburg Eindhoven. December 19. Live performance of an anthology of classical events by George Brecht, La Monte Young, Dick Higgins, George Maciunas and others. Running commentary by Henk Peeters. Guest appearance by the Lidl Akademie (Jürg Immendorf and Chris Reinecke).


VII Biennale de la Jeunesse, Parc Floral, Bois de Vincennes, Paris, 24 September – 1 November. Installation: "Receptive Situation" (with Paul Panhuysen and others). Regular performances by the Maciunas Quartet.


TR3, New York, April 1980. "The Machines", Didgital Music (Wharton Tiers), Glenn Branca Band.

Palais des Congrès, Liège. November 29, 1980. Soirée Sous-terrienne (pour Humains et Autres). "The Machines" and Tuxedo Moon.


't Hoogt, Utrecht. March 11, 1981. De Muziek van het Materiaal. "The Machines", Z'ev, Glenn Branca Band.

Oktopus, Amsterdam. October 7, 1981. "The Machines."

Grand Theatre, Groningen. October 9, 1981. "The Machines" and Z'ev. Curator: Van Lagestein.


Paradiso, Amsterdam. May 6. D-Day. "The Machines."

Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller, Otterlo, May 15. "The Machines." Curator: Marianne Brouwer.


Carré, Amsterdam, June 15. "Aanvallen van Uitersten." "The Machines", Monks from Tuva (presented by Marina Abramowicz), metal-thrashing by Z'ev, etc. Live broadcast by VPRO (Dutch national television), presented by Moniek Toebosch.

WOMAD Festival, ICA, London, July 12. "The Machines" and 23 Skidoo.

Dancetaria, New York. "The Machines." (Video-recording by Arlene Schloss.)

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, October 22.. "The Machines."

Metropole, Berlin. "The Machines" and Fad Gadget.


Haags Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, January 21 and 22. "The Machines."

The Kitchen, New York, February 19. "The Machines" and Tim Wright's Modern Living Guitar Massage.

Steirischer Herbst, Graz, Austria, September 20. "The Machines."

Minimal Art Festival, Szabadidö Központ Almassy Tér, Budapest, November 13. "The Machines."


New Langton Arts, San Francisco, February 12 and 16. "The Machines".

Shaffy Theatre, Amsterdam. July 11-13, 1985. "Een enkele reis naar zee." Dance performance by Arnold Goores with music by The Machines and text by Hans Lodeizen and Robert Graves.


The Knitting Factory, New York, May 3 and May 10. "The Machines".


"Anti Qua Musica", Haags Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag. August 27, September 17, and October 29. "The Machines". Curator: Dick Raaymakers.


The Machines: Concert at the Symposium "Intuition und Logik", Technische Universität Berlin, Fachbereich Architektur.

"Kunst-Uitingen." Concert with synthetic voices (Huge Harry, Perfect Paul and Whispering Wendy), Joop van Brakel, and Willem Hienekamp. Vox Festival, Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam.


Galerie Geert Schriever, Amsterdam. "The Machines".

"The Synthetic Dimension", De Zonnehof, Amersfoort. "The Machines". Curator: Kas Oosterhuis.

TARt Festival, TU Twente, Enschede. October 4. "The Machines."


Fonetiek. Concert with synthetic voices (Huge Harry, Perfect Paul and Whispering Wendy), Joop van Brakel and Hans Stibbe (sample keyboards). STEIM, Amsterdam.


Théatre de la Monnaie / Muntschouwburg, Brussels. "The Machines" and Gary Lucas.

"On the Role of Machines and Human Persons in the Art of the Future." Lecture by Huge Harry. De Unie, Rotterdam. Festival "Music and Machine".


Rotterdam. Algorithmic music by two MIDI-controlled pianos and four MIDI-controlled guitars. Live visuals by Artificial.Mac.


"Algorithmische Kunst." Lecture by Huge Harry. Galerie Voges und Deisen, Frankfurt. Mind the Gap.

"A Computational Perspective on Twenty-First Century Music." Lecture by Huge Harry. Conference "Leaving the Twentieth Century. Ideas and Visions for New Music", Bretton Hall University College, England.

"A Computer's View on the Future of Art and Photography." Lecture by Huge Harry. Still Photography? The International Symposium on the Transition from Analog to Digital Imaging. University of Melbourne.

"On the Mechanisms of Human Facial Expression." Huge Harry & Arthur Elsenaar. Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF), Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam.

Première of the electronic opera Pearl Harbour, featuring Huge Harry as Gallahim/Gallaher and Whispering Wendy as Mara. Libretto: Hanna Boender. Music: Victor Wentink & Remko Scha. Zeebelt, Den Haag. [Vocal Score]; [Video Clip].


"On Algorithmic Literature." Lecture by Huge Harry. The World Series on Culture and Technology. Presented at the Technology Museum in Delft, with live video-links to Amsterdam, Groningen and Toronto.

"Towards a Digital Computer with a Human Face." Huge Harry & Arthur Elsenaar. Cyborg Panel. 94th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, D.C.

"Towards a Digital Computer with a Human Face." Huge Harry & Arthur Elsenaar. Understanding Interactivity. Conference on Computer Mediated Communication and Interactivity. Tallinn, Estonia.

A Day in the Life. Experimental Sound Theatre by Idée Fixe. Powerhouse, Wakefield, England. Featuring a duet by Huge Harry and Whispering Wendy, mixed by Joop van Brakel.

Nederlands Architectuurinstituut (NAI), Rotterdam. Live demo of Artificial.Mac. With a discussion between Remko Scha and Peter Struycken.

Art Academy, Den Bosch. First demonstration of "muscle control drawings". (With Arthur Elsenaar.)


"The Machines." PONG Festival, Brown University / RISDE, Providence, RI, USA.

"Towards a Digital Computer with a Human Face." Huge Harry & Arthur Elsenaar. PONG Festival, Brown University / RISDE, Providence, RI, USA.

"Towards a Digital Computer with a Human Face." Huge Harry & Arthur Elsenaar. M.I.T. Media Lab, Research Colloquium. Cambridge, Mass., USA.

"Ein menschliches Antlitz für digitale Rechenmaschinen." Huge Harry & Arthur Elsenaar. Städtisches Museum Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Robot Rights Rally. Waagplein, Groningen. Huge Harry, Arthur Elsenaar & Joop van Brakel. Music by The Solenoids and computer-controlled pianos.


"Arthur & the Solenoids". Opening Event Ars Electronica Festival, Rathausplatz, Linz, Austria.

"New Ways of Communicating." Huge Harry & Arthur Elsenaar. Opening Address, JETAI '97, Glasgow, UK.


"Towards digitally controlled human actors for film and theatre." Huge Harry & Arthur Elsenaar. Digital Days. Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen.

"Un Visage Humain pour les Ordinateurs Electroniques." Huge Harry & Arthur Elsenaar. CyberTheatre, Brussels.


"Employing the Human Face as a Display Device in Computer-Controlled Theatre." Huge Harry & Arthur Elsenaar. FIM Festival, Lux Fragil, Lisbon, Portugal.

"Arthur & the Solenoids." X-Pact, Expocenter, Hengelo.

Agent Radio: Live Performance. VIPER International Festival for Film Video and New Media. Luzern, Switzerland.


Temporary Branch Office Rotterdam of the Institute of Artificial Art. TENT., Rotterdam. Lecture by Huge Harry, concerts by The Machines and by The Solenoids.

"An Evening with the Institute of Artificial Art." Consortium, Amsterdam. Audiovisual performance by Artificial. Concerts by The Machines and The Solenoids. Lecture by Huge Harry.

Lectures on Human Facial Expression. Huge Harry and Arthur Elsenaar. 6th International Computer Arts Festival. Maribor and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

July 12, 2000. The Hague Jazz Convention. "All jazz is one." Random mix of jazz recordings by Hans Stibbe and Remko Scha.

"Algorithmic Art and Computer-Controlled Choreography." Lecture/Demo by Remko Scha and Arthur Elsenaar. Shifts '00, London.


Symposium "Research in Motion", Technological University Delft, Faculty of Architecture. Lecture by Remko Scha. Live demo by Artificial.PC; video presentations of Algorithmic Facial Choreography and Artificial Architecture.

Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha: "The Computational Semiotics of Human Facial Expression." Keynote address with live demo. COSIGN 2001. First International Conference on Computational Semiotics in Games and New Media. CWI, Amsterdam.


Mu, De Witte Dame, Eindhoven. Improvised & Automatic Music, with automatic images by Artificial. Jam Session by Rik van Iersel (drums), Ger van de Beuken (guitar), ??? (saxophone), Agent Radio, and The Solenoids (guitars).


Chicago Art Institute. Huge Harry: "Towards a Digital Computer with a Human Face." (Lecture with computer-controlled human face.)

San Francisco Art Institute. Huge Harry: "Towards a Digital Computer with a Human Face." Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha: "On Electric Performance Art and its History." Award Ceremony for the "Leonardo Award for Excellence" 2003, won by Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha for their article "Electric body manipulation as performance art" which appeared in: Nicolas Collins (ed.): Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 12 (2002), pp. 17-28.

Slought Foundation, Philadelphia, September 30, 2005. "Morphology" and "Face Shift". Live performance of two new digital facial choreography pieces by Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha.


"WHO'S IN CONTROL? New interfaces for artistic expression." Harvestworks / 3-Legged Dog, New York, February 24-26, 2006. Huge Harry: Lecture with computer-controlled human face.

"The Art of Performance." Reno Interdisciplinary Festival of New Media. Nevada Art Museum, Reno. November 10, 2006. Live performance: "Morphology/FaceShift" by Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha.

"Hersenspinsels." Scheltema, Leiden, December 9/10. Performance program including a lecture by Remko Scha and video-screening of "Morphology/FaceShift" by Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha.


"Transformations 3: Fiction Science." University of Southern California, Los Angeles, March 3-4, 2007. About the interaction between science and science fiction. Lecture by Huge Harry: "Towards a Digital Computer with a Human Face" (with computer-controlled human face). Video-screening of Morphology/FaceShift by Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha. Also featuring Larry Niven, Tim Pratt, Nathan Schurr, Rudy Rucker, Scott Bukatman, Kevin Mack, Elizabeth Kessler, Torsten Zenas Burns, Anthony Discenza, Darrin Martin, Halflifers.


"Evolution Haute Couture. Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age." IX MediaForum 2008 (XXX Moscow International Film Festival). Video screening of Morphology/FaceShift by Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha.

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Live performance of "Face Shift" (algorithmic facial choreography) by Arthur Elsenaar and Remko Scha. (Opening of the exhibition "Deep Screen. Art in Digital Culture.")

For more exhaustive lists and more detailed information, consult the documentation about specific projects, accessible through the home page of the Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam.