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The Machines: "Twice strings on overstrung guitar constant speed (high)." On: Michael Gibbs (ed.): Sound Art Anthology. C60 Audio Cassette. Amsterdam: Artzien, 1980.

The Machines: "Excerpt" On: Barbara Ess and Glenn Branca (eds.): Just Another Asshole 5 (1981). 33 rpm LP. New York, NY.

The Machines: Guitar Mural # 1. C60 Audio Cassette. Groningen: Taal Beeld Geluid, Corps de Garde. 1982.

The Machines: Machine Guitars. 33 rpm LP. Eindhoven: Kremlin Products, KR006. 1982. (Cover art work by The Machines.)

The Machines: "2nd / 4th." On: Nasmak (ed.): Indecent Exposure 5 (1982). C90 Audio Cassette. Amsterdam: Plurex. [With Toon Bressers, drums.]

The Machines: "Roll Over Eindhoven." On: Sabine Kamstra (ed.): De Appel 3 (1984). C60 Audio Cassette. Amsterdam: De Appel.

The Machines: "HGM2." On: Dutch Difficult Music. 33 rpm LP. Tilburg: Eksakt Records, 1985.

Perfect Paul: "Katadeedo Daynatadoh" and "Le Chanson de Juillard." On: Ellen Zweig (ed.): False Phonemes. Tellus, the Audio Cassette Magazine, 22, New York, NY. 1988.

The Machines: As Is. 70' Audio CD. Amsterdam: Helmholtz Theater / Staalplaat. 1990. Production: Van Lagestein.

"HyperCard Source Code Recitation." Limited Cassette Edition. Tools & Tales. Artis, 's Hertogenbosch. January 1994.

Pomp Pump. 60' Audio CD. Amsterdam: Helmholtz Theater / Den Haag: Stroom HCBK. 1994.

"Screen memory read-out # 73". On: The Gearbox. Cosmic Volume 5. Audio-CD produced by Jan van den Dobbelsteen, New Magic Sleepwellstudio, Eindhoven. June 1997.

"Screen memory read-out # 106" On: The Gods Must Be Crazy. Audio-CD published by Planet Art, Hengelo. August 1997.

Pearl Harbour. CD. Electronic opera, featuring Huge Harry as Gallahim/Gallaher and Whispering Wendy as Mara. Libretto: Hanna Boender. Music: Victor Wentink & Remko Scha. Sound: Edwin van der Heide. Zeebelt, Den Haag, 1998. [Vocal Score]; [Video Clip]

Reissue of  "Screen memory read-out # 73". On: Mu. CD-ROM produced by Paul Groot and Peter Mertens, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam. January 1998.

N-Radio. May 2001. Recordings from the temporary radio station N-radio 95.3 FM at Niggendijker Gallery, Groningen, November/December 1998. Including Agent Radio: Continuous live radio broadcast of an automatic mix of sound files gathered at random from the Internet.


Digital Editions

Untitled # 1 - # 154." On: Toine Ooms (ed.): Tools and Tales. CDROM. Den Bosch: Creative Disk, 1995.

"Untitled Images" On: Bram van Waardenburg (ed.): Verbindingen. CDROM. Rotterdam: Centrum Beeldende Kunst, 1996. (ISBN 90-5196-102.2)

For more exhaustive lists and more detailed information, consult the documentation about specific projects, accessible through the home page of the Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam.